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"learning to shoot firearms
to me is a lot like driving stick.
It seems like
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Premiere Transfer Agent.

Nine Mile is the area's premiere transfer agent. Where other dealer's discourage transfers, we always welcome them. We fully understand that online buying can be very cost-effective for our customers, and we recognize that finding you ways to save money is just plain, good, old-fashioned customer service. In fact, if your gun is available cheaper through an online dealer, we will gladly alert you. Our promise: You'll never experience "buyer's remorse" at Nine Mile. But it gets even better. We do not charge a set fee for ammunition transfers! That's right. We simply leave it up to you, our trusted customers, to decide. We appreciate you, and want your transfer experience to be second to none!

Consignment Sales.

Have you grown tired of a particular gun? Are your sights fixed on something different, and you'd like to flip the old for the new? At Nine Mile, we can guide you through the process of selling your fully-functional, well-maintained firearm as a consignor of your property. We can solicit our vast network of used firearms consignees in an attempt to sell your gun quickly and seamlessly.


When it comes to firearms, knowledge is power, and no one is born an expert. Instead, gun knowledge develops over time and is only acquired through first, education, followed by regular training. Both require time, patience, and commitment, and our recommended resources will take you there. From books and video tutorials, to dry-fire exercises and live fire training drills, we at Nine Mile are dedicated to your growth and development as a shooter. 

 Special Orders.    

At Nine Mile, we make it a priority to find the gun you're looking for at the cheapest price available. But accessibility is the key. Most of the time, finding what you're looking for is no problem, however from time-to-time an item may require special attention, and a little bit of patience. Through our extensive network of suppliers and dealers, we can special order your firearm if it isn't available elsewhere. Regardless, we will never expect you to pay any more than you should so we will carefully search our distribution inventory to find you the best price.  

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