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Remember your very first driving lesson? The butterflies in your stomach; the sense of uncertainty associated with the unknown? Let’s face it, most of us were scared witless the very first time we took to the wheel of a 5,000 pound driving machine. And rightly so. But over time, the more you drove and the more you familiarized yourself with the complex workings of the automobile, that fear began to diminish. Then one day, almost miraculously, it subsided altogether. Driving became second nature and as natural as breathing. Today, you don’t even think twice about it. The same holds true for safe, responsible, and proficient gun handling. Acquiring mastery over any subject requires time and patience, but most of all practice. The same holds true for pistol craft. Eventually, over time, the fear and intimidation associated with shooting will become as ordinary as driving a car. At Nine Mile, we begin by laying a foundation from which you can build upon. It all begins with our NYS Pistol Safety Course, required to obtain your NYS Concealed Carry license. Offered regularly, the NYS Pistol Safety Course will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for safe, responsible, and proficient gun-handling. 

Once you are licensed, safe and effective operation of a handgun becomes paramount. At Nine Mile, we take your introduction to shooting seriously and are committed to helping you build your confidence as well as your skill set. Our seasonal* Introduction to Pistol Shooting is the first layer of bricks set upon your instructional foundation. Utilizing the method of successive approximation, we incorporate a series of skill-building pistol drills designed to enhance your muscle memory. Through a series of exercises beginning with dry fire drills, continuing with to the use of non-lethal Air Soft pistols, ending with actual live fire training, you will develop the presentation skills and confidence necessary to become an effective, capable shooter. For more details and a complete listing of our current courses, see below.

*Due to venue limitations, hands-on courses are conducted outdoors from May through November. All outdoor course schedules are subject to change based upon weather conditions.

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